Evaluating the Classic 105 Reimbursement Plan

November 10, 2016
The Classic 105 Reimbursement system makes everyone happy. Not only are normally unreimbursed medical expenses to employees reimbursed for medical expenses, that is accomplished in a creative way that saves everyone, meaning the employer and the employee, money.

With healthcare costs continuing to rise, even with the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), employers are always searching for the best ways to provide employees with the best possible benefits package without suffering a major hit to the bottom line. One way the Classic 105 Reimbursement program saves money comes with premiums. The employer can save on the front end by choosing a plan with higher deductibles and making up the difference through medical savings plans. Nothing else on the market offers employees the benefits that Classic 105 does, by far. Any financial advisor or agent who cares about their client should add the Classic 105 to their lineup of product offerings because it offers protection for both businesses and their employees.